What people are saying
about Party With A Purpose Foundation’s BARN BASH…

“Being a part of the passionate group of volunteers that make the ‘Bash’ happen is unbelievable. The energy is contagious and the rewards are indescribable. I could never miss the opportunity to participate in such a worthy cause.”

John Stanley— Volunteer

“We are always delighted to see how so many people want to participate and generously give to support great causes. The BARN BASH provides a great opportunity for people to gather at a very unique event, have a great time, and participate in supporting the goals of Party With A Purpose Foundation and the local charities they support.”

Greg and Donna Pace— Founders, Good Deeds

“The Barn Bash is AWESOME!  I have a group of friends who’ve I gone with the last 4 years in a row and we have an absolute Blast!  We look forward to going back every year!  Truth-be-told, what I love most is the story behind how the event first started and even more, the purpose it serves!”

Katie Ramstad— BARN BASH Attendee

“As a leader in the treatment of children’s mental health, we really appreciate the support from Party with a Purpose Foundation because it allows our mission to keep moving forward. Through their events, attendees have been able to gain better understanding of just how important quality interventions are to children and families who are struggling with mental illness. It is a topic that is integral to our community’s health and we are lucky to be able to partner with Party with a Purpose to raise such needed awareness.”

Elizabeth Dove— Executive Director, Metro Region, Trillium Family Services

“The BARN BASH is a fantastic event that turns and evening of  “fun” into “funds”  that have a direct impact on the lives of families devastated by childhood cancer.  We couldn’t do all the work we do supporting these families without the work that the Party With A Purpose Foundation does to raise funds and awareness of our organization.  Their volunteer effort is inspiring and we are truly grateful for their support.”

Shannon Gianola— Executive Director, Candlelighters For Children With Cancer

“I always make it a point to drive down to Portland (from Seattle) for the BARN BASH.  It is always one of the highlights of the year and I can’t wait for it again this year!”

Karl Rainer— BARN BASH Attendee

“As an attendee, corporate sponsor, personal sponsor, volunteer, and recipient of children’s services from organizations supported by the Barn Bash, Evan Connell’s 40th birthday wish of having a party that raises funds for charitable service organizations in our community has come true in a spectacular way. It has been a tremendous community experience for everybody involved – volunteers, recipient organizations, and attendees. It is a very unique community event that has raised over $1m since it’s inception! I look forward to continued involvement with this event!”

Greg Wolfe— NextEra Energy

“When I learned how Evan Connell was going to turn his 40th birthday into a party to raise awareness and funds for local charities I knew I had to step up to the plate too. My company — MediaWorks — has been proud to sponsor the BARN BASH for many years and will be again this year. The BARN BASH truly is “The Party With a Purpose.” It is a lot of fun with great entertainment and food and it feels great to be involved with such a great cause.”

Tom Trussell— BARN BASH Sponsor

“There truly are no words to describe how important this event has become to me. What started almost 10 years ago as something “fun” to do, has taken on a life of its own. It is with great pride that I volunteer so much of my time and energy to help pull off this incredible event each year. We have grown together as a family, work together as a true team, and are always rewarded with knowing that we are truly making a difference for children here in our community.
I am truly honored to serve with such amazing people, and look forward to doing so for many, many years to come.

Debra Swanson— Volunteer

“Having attended many fundraising events for various charities, I have been to my share of sit down dinners and auctions.  The BARN BASH is different.  It’s a great party that those who come look forward to every year, proving that people can have fun while doing something positive for the community.”

Charles Bloom— Attendee

“West Coast Event Productions has been working alongside the group of volunteers who put on the BARN BASH for close to a decade.  Each and every event has been wonderfully successful not only because they are unique and incredibly fun, but because all event aspects are handled with professionalism and enthusiasm and because of this they always draw a great crowd! The integrity and passion for giving back to the community is evident in the events they produce—drawing amazing support, energy and resources from the community of sponsors, volunteers and attendees who make it all happen. West Coast Event Production continues to proudly support Party With a Purpose Foundation and encourages others to do the same.”

Duane Smith— President and CEO, West Coast Event Productions

“We have volunteered our time to help organize and run The BARN BASH for many years because of the wonderful benefits it gives to the deserving charities.  All the hard work making this event come to life has been a true joy in our lives.”

Paul and Donna Esslinger— Volunteers

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