How Your Skydiving on June 6th Helps Veterans Charities…

Skydiving For Veterans is a fundraising event that gives you a chance to be a Hero. If you want to be a Hero, all you need to do is register and then get donations from friends, family and co-workers to help important Veteran Charities this Skydiving For Veterans Event supports. There is no expense to register. In order to be able to skydive, all Jumpers must raise a minimum of $500 through their Personal Skydiving For Veterans webpage they’ll create after registering to Jump.

The more Jumpers raise from their supporters, the more we can help these Veterans Charities. No matter how much each Jumper raises, even if they do not end up raising the minimum, they will still help the local Veteran Charities! And Jumpers who don’t raise the minimum, can simply donate the difference, enabling them to jump. All donations the Jumpers and their supporters raise are tax deductible with the exception of the value of the jump itself ($170.).

Skydiving For Veterans is the experience of a lifetime! And to add to that excitement, all Jumpers who raise $1000 are automatically entered into a Raffle for a chance to win a Week Stay in Cabo! There are other chances to win other prizes for their well-deserved fund raising efforts too! Check out the Skydiving For Veterans’ Cabo raffle opportunity below, and then Register to Jump with all the other Heroes supporting local Veterans Charities!

There will be prizes for the top fundraisers, and anyone that raises $1,000 will receive a Cabo Raffle Ticket for our drawing to win a week stay at the amazing Villa la Estancia in Cabo San Lucas! To make it even sweeter, and to increase your chances to win the week stay in Cabo, every additional $500 you raise over the initial $1,000 earns you another Cabo Raffle Ticket! For example, any Jumper who raises $2,500 through their personal Jumper donation webpage would get one Cabo Raffle Ticket for raising the initial $1,000, AND three more Cabo Raffle Tickets — one for each of the additional $500 they raised!