About Party With A Purpose Foundation

Party With A Purpose Foundation took shape out of the volunteer effort that grew from the idea that Evan Connell had to celebrate his 40th birthday and invite friends and their friends to come and raise money for a local children’s charity. The effort was so fun and successful, that those who volunteered chose to continue to help build the brand and the platform for which their good works could help raise over $1 million dollars for charity over a nine year period of time. Eventually, with the support of those who had come to love being part of this cause, Party With A Purpose Foundation was formed, with the mission to create giving opportunities for local charities.

The BARN BASH is now 12 years old and has not only helped raise substantial dollars and recognition for charities, but has successfully pulled people and relationships together to help do great things for needy causes. The idea of having a party with a purpose was the fundamental ingredient of the BARN BASH, and the formation of the Party With A Purpose Foundation. We have 2 other Events too… our Golf Tournament and the exciting new Skydiving For Veterans Event. We invite you, your family and all your friends to be part of the fun, and discover how fun and rewarding giving can be!

What people are saying
about Party With A Purpose Foundation’s Efforts…

“Being a part of the passionate group of volunteers that make the ‘Bash’ happen is unbelievable. The energy is contagious and the rewards are indescribable. I could never miss the opportunity to participate in such a worthy cause.”

John Stanley— Volunteer

“We are always delighted to see how so many people want to participate and generously give to support great causes. The BARN BASH provides a great opportunity for people to gather at a very unique event, have a great time, and participate in supporting the goals of Party With A Purpose Foundation and the local charities they support.”

Greg and Donna Pace— Founders, Good Deeds

“The BARN BASH is AWESOME!  I have a group of friends who’ve I gone with the last 4 years in a row and we have an absolute Blast!  We look forward to going back every year!  Truth-be-told, what I love most is the story behind how the event first started and even more, the purpose it serves!”

Katie Ramstad— BARN BASH Attendee

Increase the PURPOSE in your life. Please consider getting involved.

Party With A Purpose Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. Tax ID: 46-2970372